Upcoming Shows:   CD on hold. Side-project 'Thrash Attack" playing in Gainesville on October 8, 2004 at Eddie C's.

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Precipice have put recording the new CD on hold due to some technical difficulties. They are now working on a side-project called "Thrash Attack", a '80s thrash cover band. The band is playing out on October 8, 2004, in Gainesville, at Eddie C's with Hannover Fiste. Right now the band is covering Kreator, Destruction, Slayer, Exodus, Celtic Frost, Sodom, Whiplash, Testament and Sacred Reich. They hope to revitalize the music of all these great bands. Stay tuned for more info. on both bands.


Precipice have completed the songwriting for the new CD. The titles are,in no specific order, 1) Environmental Collapse, 2) Majestic Demise, 3) Suspended Abomination, 4) Trepidation, 5) Voyage to Unknown, 6) The Evil Experiment, 7) Over the Edge, 8) Facade of Power, 9)To Kreate or Destroy and 10) Unanswered Prayers. They are looking forward to going into the studio and wreaking sonic havok upon the world. Be Prepared!! If you haven't already, you need to get a copy of the "Prophet of Doom" CD. Click on the "Merchandise" button above. Special thanks go out to all of the Eupopean and Asian fans. Precipice really appreciates your support. Expect another update soon. The anticipation is building............


Precipice had a great time playing with metal luminaries Soilent Green and The Black Dahlia Murder in Tampa on August 1st. Due to the departure of guitarist Dave Carlton, Precipice played as a four-piece. They appreciate the great response they recieved from the maniacal Tampa metal crowd. You guys rule!!! They also enjoyed debuting their cover of Kreator's "Riot of Violence". Since then Precipice has been concentrating mainly on the songs for the new release. Some of the newest titles are "Majestic Demise ", "Environmental Damage " , "Facade of Power " , "Suspended Abomination" and "Trepidation ". They are original but with an "old school" flavor. You can be the judge. Precipice hopes to have the new CD recorded by the end of the year.


The newest issue of  BW & BK just hit the stands featuring Precipice's mainstay single "Degeneration".  You can pick this up at your local Borders, Barnes & Noble, or Exxon gas stations.  Order it online here.  18 tracks cover metal across the globe with bands from the U.S., England, Germany, France, Australia, Sweden, and even New Jersey.  Eye catchers are Voivod and Black Label Society be sure you pick this up and see how much metal is alive in the world!  See the review here.


Precipice had its first show at the Masquerade in Tampa. This gig was scheduled last minute as the band was invited by their friends in Wither. It was a good time and Wither kicked butt. New guitarist, Dave Carlton, penned a new song that is like a thrash version of Maiden. Andy is also working on one that is definitely influenced by band fav's, Destruction. Precipice now has five songs in the works.


Precipice is excited to announce that they are looking forward to playing out in about a month! Precipice have added metal nutcase, Aaron Schaen, on vocals. He is looking forward to tearing apart the stage at his first show with Precipice. The band has also added a new killer guitarist, Dave Carlton. Dave's versatile shredding style is going to knock people off of their feet! Precipice is now sounding better than ever! Chris on bass is now an Atheist (band) fanatic and he is going to write some Atheist type material. (Is he the new Roger Patterson?) He is writing killer material now; what is going to happen when he actually sets his mind to it! Also, look for the mention of Precipice in ads in the latest issues of Metal Maniacs and BW&BK. Crook'd Records is going to put the song, "Lords of Darkness" on an upcoming BW&BK compilation CD, so look for it! Precipice will most likely be in the studio within the next 12 months to record their next classic. The new stuff is going to have an old school influence and will surely be a speed fest! Get your neck braces out!