Prec· i· pice: (pres'i· pis)  n  1. A high, steep place; the brink of a cliff  2.  A perilous situation  3.  A unique metal band in Tampa, FL

Precipice was formed in Gainesville, Florida, many moons ago, by two former members of the death/thrash metal outfit Hellwitch, Dave Silverstein (drums) and Andy Adcock (guitar).

Although Dave and Andy co-wrote many of the Hellwitch songs, they realized that the typical death metal format was both restrictive and unchallenging. Hence, their goal was to experiment with the genre by incorporating various styles and approaches to their music such as jazz, fusion, punk, and art-rock. Precipice has now joined forces with the crazed, dynamic vocalist, Aaron Schaen  and the thrashing bass technician, Chris Berry, to form the most intense metal engine ever constructed.

Precipice realized their vision through the release of their well-received five-song demo, “The Foundation” and their three song demo entitled, "Black Sun Rising," a poundings slab of concrete-enforced metal, both of which have been burned into one CD. Precipice recorded a full-length CD entitled, "Prophet of Doom," which is released on Crook'd Records. Prophet of Doom takes listeners on a journey of sonic mayhem mixing all that is good in metal. Precipice has performed extensively in Florida where they have bowled over jaded metal audiences with their unique blend of power and abstraction. With over thirty epic originals, Precipice will continue to test their musical experiments on a metal scene longing for memorable and inventive works.